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Proud to be one of the leading wholesale suppliers of ornamental plant materials to landscape professionals and retailers.

About Us

Verde Lands  Agricultural Farm (VLAF) has long been nationally recognized as a leader in landscape construction as well as a supplier of the highest quality nursery stock.

 (VLAF) has the expertise to carry your project forward from inception to final completion. The company was founded in 1980. 
(VLAF) has succeeded due to hard work and their commitment to our projects and clients.

Our Plants.
We look for pest and disease resistance, improved color or fragrance, longer blooming times, drought tolerance, and other features we know home gardeners need.
We grow more than 2000 varieties of plants . From trees, flowering shrubs, hedges, and all kinds of conifers, to grasses, succulents, edibles, perennials, and annuals, our selection includes plants for every landscape need and every region. All are chosen and nurtured with your landscape in mind.



We can help you with all aspects of your outdoor landscape, by designing and installing a new landscape, or helping you sod all or part of your yard. We specialize in remodels, and giving that old yard a new life, allowing you and your family to enjoy your very own backyard paradise.


Your plants deserve to look as good as the day they were planted, all year round. Plenty of water and timely fertilizing is about all it takes. Here are a few specific hints we've know: 
             - Palm Tree Care
             - Lawn Care
              - Watering Guidelines


Make sure the plants you purchase are hardy enough to withstand the changes in temperature prevalent across the state.


Re-doing your front or back yard can be as simple or as complicated as you like. Simply, by following the steps outlined below, we can transform your yard into your dreamscape, without the stress and headaches you might have by doing it your self.

            - Start with an on-site consultation and review of the project area. 
            - Prepare a design layout and plant selection recommendations. 
            - Schedule a Nursery visit and finalize plant selections. 
            - Final design revisions and proposal agreement signed. 
            - Scheduling the job. 
            - Site work preparations (remove any existing plants, hardscapes, etc.)
            - Installation of hardscape, plants, bedding, irrigation, curbing, sod, etc.
            - Site clean-up, watering schedules, fertilizing plan are reviewed.


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Compact Spicy Jatropha
Jatropha integerrima 'Compacta'

Clusters of rich rose-red flowers appear at the branch tips of this easy-care, tropical evergreen shrub. An excellent compact hedge or border accent. New foliage emerges bronze and turns vivid green with age. Resilient to extreme summer heat. Makes a great patio tub specimen. Also suitable for indoor use.

Bowles' Common Periwinkle
Vinca minor 'Bowles'

One of the best groundcovers for shade, displaying large, violet-blue, pinwheel-shaped flowers against glossy dark green leaves. Sun tolerant in cool northern zones. In hot summer areas, plant in dappled to deep shade. Good for use in firescaping. Evergreen in most climates.

Pink Supreme Rose
Rosa x 'NOA250092' Plant 

 Pink blooms with no deadheading or fancy pruning. Winner of world's top honor for disease resistant roses - more black spot and mildew resistant than the original Flower CarpetĀ® roses! Mass this heat and humidity tolerant, fuss-free, low growing shrub in the landscape, on a gentle slope, or as groundcover. Deciduous.

Arabian Jasmine
Jasminum sambac 'Monhariklia' Plant Patent 

Large, highly scented, fully double flowers will fill the garden with fragrance. Glossy evergreen foliage on a compact form creates an attractive clipped hedge for mild climates, where this tropical shrub may bloom nearly year-round. A perfect patio container specimen that may be wintered indoors in colder northern zones.


Please feel free to send us an email or even give us a call at:

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